5 Sound Tips When Purchasing Your New Home

5 Sound Tips When Purchasing Your New Home

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When you decide to buy a new home, it can be a stressful time. Certainly there is plenty to do and be aware of when searching for the right house. The location, this is one thing you can not change, is it the right location for you? Is the house structurally sound? Do you have […]

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When you decide to buy a new home, it can be a stressful time. Certainly there is plenty to do and be aware of when searching for the right house. The location, this is one thing you can not change, is it the right location for you? Is the house structurally sound? Do you have the best mortgage for your needs? Has the contract been written up correctly? To help answer these questions and to help safely navigate the waters of real estate transactions, turning to the following experts could prove beneficial to you.

Real estate agent

A local estate agent is a really important person to turn to on your outset of buying a new home. Even though it is their main role, a Real Estate Agent does a lot more than just find you a home; they’re the professionals who orchestrate your entire home buying experience. From providing you with a list of homes to visit, to arrange property visiting appointments, your Real Estate Agent will help you find the home that’s just right for you. Once you’ve found that dream home, a Real Estate Agent’s job isn’t done, they will help point you towards other trustworthy professionals that you will need to help complete the purchase of your home, often providing you with a list of home inspectors, mortgage professionals and lawyers. The professional local estate agent can give you expert advise from step one, right through to completion, so you can be sure to make the right decision..

Home Inspector

Before you sign off to make the purchase of your home a binding contract, you will want to make sure your new home is structurally sound. The real estate market is still very much one of buyer-beware, and it is up to the purchaser to know and understand exactly the condition of the home they are buying. A certified home inspector will help you to find any hidden defects, the condition of the home’s major components, and will let you know of any major maintenance you can expect in the near future. As a buyer, you should go along with the home inspector on their visit, asking questions about every nook and cranny. Although there is no 100% guarantee, with a good home inspection you will be buying your home with your eyes wide open.

Financial advisor

There are so many different kinds of mortgages on the market at so many different rates, tracking down the right mortgage deal can be more stressfull than finding the right house if you are not carful. Seeking the help and advice of a mortgage specialist will help you to cut through all of the red tape and banker speak. A mortgage specialist will find out the best kind of mortgage for your needs and will then negotiate on your behalf with all the banks. Since a mortgage specialist has the leverage of bringing lots of business the bank’s way, they have the leverage to get you a better rate, often lower than what the banks are advertising. As an added bonus, the mortgage specialist doing all of this running around for you will save you all kinds of time and hassles.


Even though your Real Estate Agent has gone to great lengths to make sure the contract of sale for the home you are buying has been written up properly, you will still need the services of a good lawyer. Not only will the lawyer take the time to make sure the contract has no loopholes in it, their office will also search title (ensuring the vendors have the right to sell the property), as well as co-ordinate the change over of home ownership with all of the respective utilities; making sure you are paying for only what you have used. Remember that the solicitor in working directly on your behalf and it is their duty to make sure you understand all the legalities of your new purchase.

Moving home can be extremely stressful, but with the help of the right professionals, the process can actually become enjoyable. Most importantly, you want to develop a relationship of trust with these individuals. Ask your friends and family who they would recommend and why. Starting from a referral will help you to build a strong professional relationship. Remember that these real estate professionals are working for you, make sure they have fully explained any doubts or questions you may have about the transaction on your new home.

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