Baril Corporation Offers Custom Rotary Die Cutting Solutions

Baril Corporation Offers Custom Rotary Die Cutting Solutions

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For over three decades, Baril Corporation has been an industry leader in die cutting, multi-layer laminations, tool-making, and laser cutting.

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For over three decades, Baril Corporation has been an industry leader in die cutting, multi-layer laminations, tool-making, and laser cutting. Their wide range of solutions include coordinating with customers for assembly with external resources, providing guidance on current regulations, assisting with intellectual property, and much more. With extensive experience in the medical and military industries, Baril has become world-renowned for its dedication to process control, precision, creativity, and knowledge. Their belief that materials, processing, and methods must all be in line to deliver exceptional final results have led to Baril Corporation being a trusted resource for a wide variety of companies and organizations. “Thinking bigger than the part” is their company motto, and by living it, they assist each of their clients in improving their positions in ever more competitive markets.
Baril Corporation is especially well known for their precision rotary die cutter operations. Their incredible equipment is capable of creating layered, intricate parts with the utmost precision, progressive die cutting that has the ability to register multiple die cuts, handle eight webs in one pass, and display exceptional tolerances. In line lamination, adhesive application, and slitting are also available, as is clean room die cutting. Visual inspection in-line is available, and should project requirements make it a necessity, tailored engineered product lines are as well.
From a project’s conception to its ultimate completion, Baril Corporation provides engineering expertise and exceptional design and selection of materials services. Economical, functional, and scalable, Baril assisted projects are poised for success, as their unimpeachable record of quality service can demonstrate. Producing durable, consistent products is a Baril priority. Their multi-station rotary die cutters offer automated systems that result in incredible speeds with unprecedented precision. Few parts are too ambitious, thanks to their in-line capabilities and multi-web functions.
Baril Corporation ( takes pride in its proactive attitude toward collaborative engineering. Their engineers work tirelessly to design unique solutions at all stages (prototype, testing, and final) of production. The team is devoted to quickly identifying design problems and solving them to maximize manufacturing efficiency and performance. Cost-effective solutions aid clients in meeting their goals in competitive markets by refining the configurations of products and offering budget focused material selection that doesn’t lower quality expectations. Custom production machines and custom configurations from Baril Corporation make it possible for their clients to meet their goals, no matter how unique.
Baril Corporation’s rotary die cutter services benefit from the practical application of advanced engineering experience, their emphasis on thinking outside of the box, and their commitment to dlivery the best quality programs in the die cutting and converting industries. Their certified facilities and culture of excellence have resulted in earning the trust of some of the most important clients in their respective industries.
About Baril Corporation –
Baril Corporation has been an industry leader in rotary die cutter services and integrated device manufacturing for over thirty years. Their wide range of varied services help their clients devise innovative solutions, comply with industry regulations, coordinate more effectively, and protect their intellectual property.

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