Phoenix Cardiologist Offers Online Library For Cardiac Conditions

Phoenix Cardiologist Offers Online Library For Cardiac Conditions

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There’s quite a bit to be said about “knowledge is power” according to leading Phoenix heart doctor. Patients at AZ Heart Doctor are ‘Rising to a Healthier Day’.

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Phoenix, Arizona – There are a number of Phoenix Cardiologists for individuals to choose from, however, AZ Heart Doctor believes patients with knowledge have an enhanced treatment plan, faster recovery, and overall improved lifestyle and is why these professionals offer an online library of heart conditions.
At AZ Heart Doctor, their comprehensive treatment plans include focusing on education. Patients who understand and have knowledge about their condition are able to participate more actively in their treatment, improving their recovery time.
Their online library provides information on all types of cardiac conditions from Angina, Chest Pain, and Congestive Heart Failure to Aortic Aneurysm, SVT, and Valvular Regurgitation. You’ll find information about Coronary Artery Disease, Pulmonary Hypertension, Shortness of Breath and even Fainting or Syncope. Whether you suffer from Atrial Firillation, Cardiomyopathy, or Vascular Complications from Diabetes,, can help you help yourself improve your condition with information and treatment plans. Information that explains in layman’s terms what the condition is, how it’s caused, symptoms to expect, and what one can do to help improve their condition.
A large number of Phoenix Cardiologists immediately turn to invasive measures to rectify one’s condition. AZ Heart Doctor treats conditions using a non invasive approach and will suggest surgery as a last resort as many conditions can be treated without invasive treatments, and education is part of their non-intervention treatments. Arizona Heart Doctor also offers a multitude of tests for early detection and evaluation of conditions like atherosclerosis, venous thrombosis, and arterial circulation problems, at either of their locations in Mesa or Tempe.
As Medical Director of AZ Heart Doctor, Dr. Batres, MD, offers cardiac services including: General Cardiology Check-Ups, Event Monitor Testing, Holter Monitor, EKG, Cardiac Ultrasound Services, Coumadin Checks, Stress Tests, Carotid IMT Testing, Pacemaker Services, and more.
Arizona Heart Doctor’s mission is to provide excellent, compassionate care and are committed to assuring their patients have the very best healthcare available. The staff works closely with Dr. Batres putting the patient foremost. By focusing on a patient’s individual needs, Dr. Batres and his staff develop a close relationship with them that encompasses education. As one of the best Phoenix Cardiologists he takes to listen to patient’s concerns, and composes a treatment plan suited to their needs to achieve the greatest result.
About AZ Heart Doctor
AZ Heart Doctor screens and diagnosis simple and complex cardiovascular conditions utilizing conservative means when appropriate. Their Double Board Certified cardiologist, Dr. Yasir Batres MD, offers comprehensive noninterventional cardiology treatment.
Dr. Batres, MD, who’s a Double Board Certified cardiologist, is a member of the American College of Cardiology and American Society of Nuclear Cardiology.
As professionals, the entire staff at strives to achieve honest and trusting communication with their patients. As part of their value, AZ Heart Doctor understands that their patients come from a variety of backgrounds and have various beliefs. Therefore, they incorporate as much as possible into their treatment plan, giving patients the respect and dignity they deserve.
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Telephone: 480 – 300 – 4646
Fax: 480 – 300 – 4647

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