Sleep Apnea Cure Charlotte- Who Provides Effective Cure?

Sleep Apnea Cure Charlotte- Who Provides Effective Cure?

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It is not wise to ignore early signs of this condition. As the individual may not come to know that he or she is suffering from this condition, the role of people around him becomes very important.

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One of the common ailments affecting adults these days is the sleep apnea. This term literally means without breath, and is usually characterized by pauses in breathing while one is sleeping. This is a period when breathing significantly reduces or stops. It is a severe medical condition and requires treatment. Sleep Apnea Cure Charlotte has been providing effective treatment to many people who suffer from this condition. Unfortunately, some children and infants also are not spared and they too suffer from this sleep disorder. The center has a team of qualified and experienced doctors who understand this disorder well. The signs and symptoms, and subsequent cure with the help of medicines and physiotherapy are what they offer. This condition, if left uncured, has life threatening results. A person greatly increases the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke if timely treatment is not taken. Other common effects are vision problems, excessive daytime fatigue, slow reaction time, diabetes, irritability, and depression.
What are the causes of this condition?
The main causes are temporary or permanent brain injury, old age, excess soft tissue around the airway which is commonly seen in obese patients, reduced muscle tone that could be caused by alcohol, drugs or a neurological problem and something physical in the throat or mouth shape. When a person is sleeping, the muscles in the body relax and become weak. This includes throat muscles as well and in people with this condition, they become so weak that the airway narrows down and causes it to close completely. This may cause snoring initially, and once completely blocked, stops breathing for a few seconds. This may cause the patient to suddenly wake up and go back to sleep quickly. But he is unaware that the breathing had stopped for a few seconds. Partial blockage of the airway causes the breath to become slow and shallow.
Who can one trust for treatment of this condition?
Sleep Apnea Cure Charlotte has done a lot in this field and has tried to increase the awareness of this condition among the people through media and print mode. Usually, it’s the people around the affected person who can identify the signs and report the presence of this condition in an individual. There are various treatment options available with them, and the most feasible one depends upon individual symptoms and condition. The treatment would usually vary based upon the extent to which the individual is affected. Once noticed, do not wait and seek treatment immediately.

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