Taking Control Of Your Safety With A Swipe Card Access System

Taking Control Of Your Safety With A Swipe Card Access System

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Sydney, Australia – When it comes to securing your home or business, having a security system is one of the best options there is.

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Sydney, Australia – When it comes to securing your home or business, having a security system is one of the best options there is. There are different types of security systems available on the market today, but making the choice of swipe card access systems will replace traditional key locks. Instead you’ll have a reader and a swipe card. There are many facilities including government offices that utilize this type of security access. The advantages of this type of security system also allows for each key card to be programmed allowing access to different areas for each user. According to security system provider, Epsilon Security, this type of system has many other features that are beneficial to homeowners and businesses.
Swipe card access systems are being prominently used these days because they can provide security of a building, entrance way, or different offices. Aside from their unique programming ability they also can provide monitoring of who’s entered or left with a windows based software. Epsilon Security is specialists in providing security solutions for swipe card access control systems and other security systems to ensure the safety of you, your family, and/or your business. You can provide 24 hour accessibility to different areas without much concern as the card is being monitored through the system so you know who entered where and when. Depending on the security vendor one chooses, one may have them monitor or one can do self monitoring through the same software linking.
As specialists, www.epsilonsecurity.com.au, installs and services a variety of swipe card access control systems like the Concept 4000, FDI Passan, HID, and Tecom Challenger. One doesn’t have to worry about access card duplication or overcrowding with one of their systems. Epsilon understands keeping your property secure and safe is a priority, and one of these systems allows you to do that in a manner of affordability, quickly, and easily. One is able to regulate who’s permitted to enter and exit one’s property at all times while providing you control and customization you need and prefer for one’s property.
Epsilon Security provides a blend of technology and the right tools to ensure one’s property remains secure. They specialize in providing security and safety to a variety of properties including all sizes and shapes of homes and businesses.
About Epsilon Security
Established in New South Wales in 2009, Epsilon had expanded its operations to include QLD in just their first year. Since they’ve employed permanent staff in Queensland and NSW. Many of their customers are Government and Corporate agencies but their predominant focus is on residential and corporate homes and apartments, retail, industrial, and commercial sectors across all states.
Epsilon Security is a supplier of various security systems and specializes in installation and servicing many different brands across Australia. They provide a variety of services that includes, site surveys, 24-hour monitoring, risk analysis, reporting and consulting. They provide swipe access control systems, fire security systems, closed circuit TV, and more.
Contact Epsilon
36 Ricketty St.
Mascot, NSW 2020
Phone Number: 02 9638 5011
Fax Number: 02 9638 5022
Sales Number: sales@epsilonsecurity.com.au
Service Number: service@epsilonsecurity.com.au
The Internet: www.epsilonsecurity.com.au

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